Damaging The Kingdom

I decided to set up this page on my web site after it was revealed to me how important this message was.  If I didn't honestly think that God was becoming increasingly disturbed by this trend, I would not be making such a big deal out of it.  However, this trend has to stop.  The trend I refer to is the one of Christians sending out chain letter type emails that contain prayers and the like.  So many folks send these out and they think it's all innocent and that it's a good thing.  The truth is, these types of email have an incredible damaging effect on the Kingdom of God.  I learned a while ago that I was living under the calling of prophesy.  Which means I'm a prophet, or God's mouthpiece.  My new office mate at my new job happens to be a fellow prophet and she has taught me a few things about what it means to live under that calling.  One thing she taught me was that not all prophets go around prophesying to people.  She said that prophets have a tendancy to go into the ministries of singing and writing.  These are two ministries that I take part in a great deal.  She also taught me that as a prophet, I have to be VERY careful about the words that I speak.  This also pertains to words that I type in emails, post on message boards, and speak in chat rooms.  As I strive to do just that, I would like to encourage all Christians to do the same.  See, every word we speak contains the powers of life and death.  And sometimes all it takes is one small word of death to kill the faith of a new or weak Christian.  In an effort to provide you with useful information about how to keep from hurting each other, I will give you some examples of what you should avoid.  Any email that says or implies any of the following are ones to stay away from:

  • If you agree with this, please send it to ... etc
  • If you are a true friend/christian, please send this to ... etc
  • If you want your prayer to be answered, send this back to the one who sent it to you and also to ... etc
In some way or another, all of these types of emails make the reader feel obligated to send them out to even more people under penalty of being made to feel guilty about it.  This is not very Christ-like folks.  That kind of guilt should only be coming from the enemy, not from God and certainly not from each other.  It's one thing if you send something like this out to your friends and family hoping that it will bless them.  But if you require them to send it out to others, you yank that blessing right out from under them.  There is no blessing when one is forced to do something maybe they didn't feel they needed to do.  Let them decide if what you sent them has enough merit for them to pass it on to others.  If we continue with this harmful and dangerous trend, we are all going to have alot to explain to God come Judgement Day.  I am not trying to single anyone out here.  I know that I was guilty of sending out emails just like this until I was made aware of how hurtful it really was.  I, for one, do not intend to spend the rest of my life here on Earth stealing, killing and destroying the faith of my brothers and sisters.  We NEED to stop sending these type of things out.  We need to stop making people feel bad for not wanting to send them to everyone they know.  I pray that all of you will heed the warnings in this message.  I pray that all of you might be made more aware of what you're sending to each other.  I pray that by exposing this trick of the enemy, that I can help us all to build and increase the Kingdom of God.  God wants people out there who will always be available to uplift and encourage the Kingdom.  So, please, be careful about what you send to those you love.  Thanks for taking the time to read this message.  I pray that God will bless all of you as richly as He has blessed me.

Your sister in Christ,


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