Lest Ye Forget
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Don't mess with the USA,
We will fight you until we get our way.
You think you're clever as you hide,
And worm your way deep inside.
With open arms we let you in to reside,
And you stabbed us with a spear to the side.
You think that you've won, we'd be willing to bet,
But we are the USA, lest ye forget.

We've fought to defend our freedom before,
And we'll defeat you too, that's for sure.
Many times our freedoms have been put to the test,
But you will fail against us, like all the rest.
Just when you think you've pulled us apart,
We join together as one united American heart.
Nobody has defeated our democracy yet,
Cause we are the USA, lest ye forget.

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We've shed some tears, and prayed by candlelight,
But don't be fooled, we are primed and ready to fight.
Our military will hunt you down and draw you out,
And those who support you will be down for the count.
Your life lines will all be gone, and you'll be alone,
And none of us will miss you when you're gone.
So heed our warnings, your fate is set,
We are the USA, Never Forget!

Copyright 2001, Julia L. Catron